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Professional translator since 2000, certified for English <> Macedonian (by the Ministry of Justice of Macedonia). 

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Ph: + 1 954 673 4957 


LinkedIn: Emilija Ivanovska 

skype: ivanovskaemilija

Delivering accurate and coherent translations capturing different meanings and tones.Pricing is normally based on word count. Prices can vary depending on language, subject matter, certifications, and other variables.  I also have minimum rates for smaller projects of under 400 words.


Within reason, I can juggle timeframes to meet my clients’ needs.  My typical translation output is 2,500 words per day and I take pride in providing the utmost confidentiality. 


  • Wordfast Beginners and Intermediate Level – Skopje, Macedonia.

  • English language in EU acquis communutaire – “Introducing the civil servants with the specific meaning of the English language in terms of the EU acquis communutaire, Sector for European Affairs, Government of Macedonia.

  • Seminar on language issues in the process of European integration, Sector for European Affairs, Government of Macedonia.

Client Testimonials


"Emilija Ivanovska has been translating medical texts for Medax since 2008. She is a most helpful and cooperative freelancer


whose translations have always met our clients’ highest standards. She has never missed a deadline."

- Medax, Germany (medical & pharmaceutical translations)

"Her translations are always top-notch and require very little editing, be it English into Macedonian or Macedonian/ Serbian /Bosnian and Croatian into English. Most of the work has involved financial and economic material and laws dealing with banking. 

Emilija has come through for us with short deadlines on numerous occasions and can always be counted upon to do a good job."

 - Dean K. Benson, Owner, Benson Translations


"Emilija is very professional and pleasure to work with. She provides good quality work and has never missed a deadline. Looking forward to working with her again!"

- Karina Gukasian-Hunt, Trustforte Language Services 

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